"It is our mission to create and deliver engaging and inspiring content across a range of digital channels that appeals too  and grabs the attention of, our clients target audiences."

Wilde Collective Studios “Wilde Co.” is a boutique social media agency specialising in B2C (Business to Consumer) Marketing within the Health, Lifestyle, Fitness and Beauty Industries. It is our purpose to create and deliver sophisticated content that is highly engaging and grabs the attention of your potential clients/consumers; whilst ensuring our digital presence supports and enhances our own messages clearly, consistently and effectively.


Wilde Co is a small team of unique, driven, passionate and innovative professionals aiming to create digital content and develop structured business and marketing strategies to showcase your brand in the spotlight it deserves. We’re lucky enough to have our head office situated in beautiful Tropical North Queensland, Australia whilst still being able to support and offer our services to businesses across the state and country as well as internationally. 


Your businesses success, growth and continued performance is what matters to us most. That's why we continuously strive to provide each of our clients with personalised, unique services that are specifically relevant to your business. No detail is too small and nothing is overlooked.


Whether you're starting up a new business and require assistance from the beginning with branding, you're looking to redesign your website or business cards or you simply just don't have the time to manage your socials any longer, Wilde Co has the knowledge, intuition, creativity and eagerness to make the magic happen!


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